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For over a decade, Tri Tuns' exceptional training and consulting services based on proven strategies and tactics have bridged the value gap between SaaS buyers and providers around the world and ensured both are successful in achieving their desired business outcomes from technology.

Tri Tuns' trio of expertise in Customer Success (CS), Software Adoption (SA) and Organizational Change Management (OCM) and 20+ years of success in the field is what sets us apart from the rest in being able to accelerate and sustain software adoption within organizations of all sizes and complexities.


"Working with Tri Tuns has truly exceeded my expectations. Their approach and tactics make sense and their real life examples make it all come to life. "

You have unique needs and you need fast results from technology

We know what works and what doesn't to drive adoption of technology and achieve desired business outcomes.

We'll save you a lot of time and effort from trying to figure it out on your own.

"Our in-person Customer Success Workshop with Tri Tuns was such a good use of our time that we quickly signed up for a 2-day in-person training to dive even deeper into custom solutions for our specific use cases."

Are you worried about customer churn?

Would you like renewals, referrals, and recurring revenue?

We can teach you and your Customer Success team how to:

• Have better relationships with your customers right from the start

• Help your customers experience unbeatable value from your products and services

• Reduce customer churn and increase renewals and referrals

• Pave the way for account expansions, profits and growth year after year with customers for life

• Be the hero in your organization for achieving goals and valuable business results

Are your current IT systems sitting idle or not being used as designed and intended?

Are your customers missing the value and business outcomes they hoped to get from your software?

We can teach you and your customers, leadership teams, and/or IT implementation teams how to:


• Lead organizational change to accelerate and sustain adoption of new and existing software

• Apply proven strategies, tactics and best practices based on 20+ years of success in the field

• Build a coalition to stop wasting time, money, and energy on processes that don't result in technology getting used

• Break through existing adoption barriers and effectively prevent potential barriers

• Be the hero in your organization for achieving adoption goals and valuable business results


"We had no idea that we were going about adoption all wrong. Everyone in our company needs to take this training."

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Adopttec is 24/7 online access to the training and solutions your organization needs to adopt technology

Our clients use Adopttec to:

  • Increase capacity and ability to drive change, software adoption and customer success without adding expensive resources 

  • Easily access online toolkits containing short instructional videos, templates, best practices, real life examples, case studies and stories based on 20+ years of success in the field 

  • Solve unique challenges via expert-led community learning sessions and/or private coaching accelerator sessions



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